Heather Baumbach Art

Fine art and design by artist Heather Baumbach

Heather uses color, texture, and visual rhythm to create 2D and 3D mixed media works that are whimsical and nostalgic in order to highlight the beauty in everyday, ordinary life, exploring subjects by manipulating scale and spatial relationships. Her mixed media works include paint, ink, pastel, hand-dyed fiber, paper, thread (and any other media she can get her hands on).  Her art is notable for its deft finish and tactile nature. Heather enjoys the physicality of creating art, the dyeing, sanding, carving, and draping –  she works best on her feet.  Some of the work proceeds from an exploration of materials, with ideas and themes developing as she creates layer upon layer. Other pieces are based on an idea or moment she is trying to capture visually, with the materials following the idea.


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